The end of another year…

Here it is almost Christmas 2008 and I have another granddaughter to add to our family.  Her name is Zoe Marie and she’s a tiny girl ~ she looks like her daddy.  Jess says that the baby is very good, and Hailey is a big help to her.

I moved in with Mark in August this year.  Life is good.  🙂

Stay tuned!


Almost the end of Summer!

Just got back from taking Hailey home…   🙂    God I love that baby girl!    We had such fun and she’s talking a lot now; well not really talk, just babble lol.  But she does say several words now, including mom, dad, Buddy (her dog’s name) and says no, yeah, wow, and getting closer to saying Grandma – she almost said it this morning!

Getting ready to do some major packing – I hate moving!   Need more boxes!  I have to paint and clean both places!   I’ll have some help painting the new house I hope, not much to do at my old place other than touch-up and shampoo carpet.

I have to get all of the utilities changed over this week too – yikes there’s so much to do!

Til next time!

Jake @ College

My son Jake…he is staying @ Rolla this summer to get another semester in.  Maybe he will be finished with college in May of 2008?  I can’t wait to see what this my youngest son will do with his life!  Both of my sons are incredible, fascinating and sweet young men!  I’m so lucky to have them in my life!