Found 2nd Job :-)

Now I’m working TWO jobs!  Found another one with a great company as a Front Counter person at a local meat company.  They are a full butcher shop, deli with a cafe, so I’ll be doing a variety of things, as well as working on their company website.  At last I can breathe a bit easier in a couple of weeks…times have been hard!


Exciting Changes in Work Life

I’ve been working part-time as a Hostess at a local BBQ restaurant for 3 weeks now.  I do enjoy it very much, but needed to find an additional job in order to make ends meet.  Will be starting a second job at another company tomorrow as a front counter person, doing a lot of cooking & cleaning (something I actually enjoy) and serving customers.  It’s  called Peculiar Meat Company, and they’ve got a multitude of items available for purchase, as well as processing meat/deer/beef/pork for customers.  Since it’s currently deer season, with rifle season opening next weekend, I may also be checking in deer that hunters bring in to have processed.  Looking forward to it very much, as it’s family-owned and the folks are nice.  Stay tuned for more!

My “Sophie’s Universe” Blanket

About 2 weeks ago I started my version of the “Sophie’s Universe” project and tonight am working on Round 30 – there are only 7 more parts to go before I’m caught up haha – easier said than done!  I think Part 11 of Sophie has 4 rounds; 81-84, so see there are only about 50 rounds to go before I’m caught up!  Doing this crochet along makes me want to do a second one, because it’s so intricate, has a multitude of stitches and techniques that I’ve never seen!  When the spare money is there I’ll get some really nice yarn to do another one!  Here is a photo of what I have done so far 🙂

Sophies Universe_Round30_2

I’ve got another CAL project going in my spare time with “The Crochet Crowd” – their “Mystery Afghan” – it’s almost time for the Week 8 clue!  (To be released on Tuesday next week.)  Mikey seems like a really fun person, and he’s a great teacher too.  

One thing I’m addicted to is crochet stitches – there are hundreds of them and I seem to have quite a collection now, in the way of magazines & books, and book-marked websites!  I found another one today called a “Bullion” stitch that I’d never seen before – way cool!  Going to have to practice that one.  I need to get busy and make more wash cloths too.  I’ve got a couple bags of various “Peaches & Cream” and “Sugar & Cream” brand cotton and it’s wonderful for making washcloths – so soft!  Cloths for washing dishes is something else too, because I want to be moved into my own home/apartment before summer’s gone this year!  More on that later on…

Take care all – until next time, PEACE!