Career Advice

I went been back to my Alma Mater to work with a new Career Advisor.  As a graduate of DeVry I have a life-time of service from the Career Services Center there.Thank goodness for that!  With attending just about every Career Fair in the Kansas City metro area, and becoming active on job portals out there – my resume is definitely in circulation. Finding full-time work has been horrible since I left the real estate company last fall.  I’m wondering if age discrimination could be a factor…hard to prove but I know it exists.

There are reportedly a multitude of jobs out there in the fields in which I have experience,  but getting that sought-after interview – ah that is the challenge!  The resume must be perfect!  Write it.  Review it.  Have it critiqued by friends and peers.  I will let you know when I have snagged that elusive face to face!

Stay tuned!


Valentine’s Day 2009

It’s nearing the close of another Valentine’s Day.  We woke up this morning and exchanged cards to each other, which is always fun!  Then we went to breakfast at Gomer’s, which is ALSO fun!  After our run to Costco later, getting back home felt incredibly good.

Lori’s getting unpacked & settled in to her new house – she closed Friday.  I can’t wait to see it – Mark & I are going over there tomorrow.

Well I’m a little bored at the moment so think I’ll work on another website for a while.

Stay tuned!


Who the hell is Ron Paul? I decided to look him up on Wikipedia, and here’s some of what I found out:

Source of my information:

  • He is a candidate for the Republican nomination in our next presidential election in 2008
  • He is a 10th term Congressman from Lake Jackson, Texas
  • He’s a physician, and earned the nickname of “Dr. No”, because he votes against any bill that he feels violates the Constitution
  • Mr. Paul supports free trade, wants tighter border security, and gun ownership.
  • He opposes abortion, the income tax, the federal War on Drugs and the federal regulation of marriage.

Those are just some of the things that stuck out for me in reading the article. I’ll be reading more on him in the coming days – this article goes back to his upbringing, and relates his military experiences and life in politics. He sounds pretty interesting.

More later…