Found 2nd Job :-)

Now I’m working TWO jobs!  Found another one with a great company as a Front Counter person at a local meat company.  They are a full butcher shop, deli with a cafe, so I’ll be doing a variety of things, as well as working on their company website.  At last I can breathe a bit easier in a couple of weeks…times have been hard!


Exciting Changes in Work Life

I’ve been working part-time as a Hostess at a local BBQ restaurant for 3 weeks now.  I do enjoy it very much, but needed to find an additional job in order to make ends meet.  Will be starting a second job at another company tomorrow as a front counter person, doing a lot of cooking & cleaning (something I actually enjoy) and serving customers.  It’s  called Peculiar Meat Company, and they’ve got a multitude of items available for purchase, as well as processing meat/deer/beef/pork for customers.  Since it’s currently deer season, with rifle season opening next weekend, I may also be checking in deer that hunters bring in to have processed.  Looking forward to it very much, as it’s family-owned and the folks are nice.  Stay tuned for more!

My “Sophie’s Universe” Blanket

About 2 weeks ago I started my version of the “Sophie’s Universe” project and tonight am working on Round 30 – there are only 7 more parts to go before I’m caught up haha – easier said than done!  I think Part 11 of Sophie has 4 rounds; 81-84, so see there are only about 50 rounds to go before I’m caught up!  Doing this crochet along makes me want to do a second one, because it’s so intricate, has a multitude of stitches and techniques that I’ve never seen!  When the spare money is there I’ll get some really nice yarn to do another one!  Here is a photo of what I have done so far 🙂

Sophies Universe_Round30_2

I’ve got another CAL project going in my spare time with “The Crochet Crowd” – their “Mystery Afghan” – it’s almost time for the Week 8 clue!  (To be released on Tuesday next week.)  Mikey seems like a really fun person, and he’s a great teacher too.  

One thing I’m addicted to is crochet stitches – there are hundreds of them and I seem to have quite a collection now, in the way of magazines & books, and book-marked websites!  I found another one today called a “Bullion” stitch that I’d never seen before – way cool!  Going to have to practice that one.  I need to get busy and make more wash cloths too.  I’ve got a couple bags of various “Peaches & Cream” and “Sugar & Cream” brand cotton and it’s wonderful for making washcloths – so soft!  Cloths for washing dishes is something else too, because I want to be moved into my own home/apartment before summer’s gone this year!  More on that later on…

Take care all – until next time, PEACE!

Migrating from an old website :-)

Several days ago I began migrating my old site here to my new one on  I started the WordPress site several years ago…2006 I believe.  As mentioned in my last post I’ve been doing a lot of ‘re-organizing’ and I have to say it feels really great!

Until I get my “Slipping Stitches” site more to my liking and transfer all of my crochet projects over, I thought I’d provide a couple of links so you can see more of my crafts.  I am also on and here is my link to that here.

Blogging the Night Away

I’ve been trying to organize my life, and along with looking for a new job, there has been much in the way of re-evaluating my priorities.  Self discovery has been huge and I’m finding out a lot of new things about myself.  Getting a “handle” on my blogs has been on my to-do list for a long while now, as I had numerous blogs – too many to try and keep up with.  (I mean really, what was I thinking?)  Most were ones that I started while in college many years ago, talk about being outdated!  I’ve decided to condense so I can have everything in one place and a LOT less to do.

Crocheting has helped me keep sane – especially in the last couple of years!  Along with acquiring hundreds and hundreds of free patterns, I’ve made a large number of things in the last 6 months.  I’ve made hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, scarves, blankets, crochet hook cases, flowers and cowl hoodies!   I’ve been crocheting for over 35 years now and discovering that I’d like to teach others how as well.  I’ve been trying to teach a few kids recently – that’s a challenge!

Please bear with me as I get this site together.  I’ll be working on it almost daily, when I can, until I’ve transferred what I need to from my other websites.  I plan a LOT of neat things, so stay tuned!

Career Advice

I went been back to my Alma Mater to work with a new Career Advisor.  As a graduate of DeVry I have a life-time of service from the Career Services Center there.Thank goodness for that!  With attending just about every Career Fair in the Kansas City metro area, and becoming active on job portals out there – my resume is definitely in circulation. Finding full-time work has been horrible since I left the real estate company last fall.  I’m wondering if age discrimination could be a factor…hard to prove but I know it exists.

There are reportedly a multitude of jobs out there in the fields in which I have experience,  but getting that sought-after interview – ah that is the challenge!  The resume must be perfect!  Write it.  Review it.  Have it critiqued by friends and peers.  I will let you know when I have snagged that elusive face to face!

Stay tuned!

Valentine’s Day 2009

It’s nearing the close of another Valentine’s Day.  We woke up this morning and exchanged cards to each other, which is always fun!  Then we went to breakfast at Gomer’s, which is ALSO fun!  After our run to Costco later, getting back home felt incredibly good.

Lori’s getting unpacked & settled in to her new house – she closed Friday.  I can’t wait to see it – Mark & I are going over there tomorrow.

Well I’m a little bored at the moment so think I’ll work on another website for a while.

Stay tuned!